Apartment Hunting

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This image is part of my My First Rental Pinterest board. Gorgeous, isn't it? Hopefully I can recreate something a fraction of this loveliness cause I'm obsessed.

My family is moving in the new year, which means I'm moving too. But as they're heading out west to a small town to live the simple life (let's take two giiiiiiiirls, both filthy riiiiich), I'll be staying in the city and moving into my first apartment on my own.

A massive career opportunity has just come up, so instead of waiting until the beginning of February to start house-hunting, the search begins now. I'd like to be somewhat settled before my full-time job starts, and have a go at living independently while my family are still in the city and on-call for any inevitable crises.

I've been thinking a lot about my lists of must haves and would like to haves and making sure I'm clear on the differences. Here's a brain dump of said lists:

Must haves

  1. In walking distance to reliable, frequent public transport. Must hit up all the major Brisbane spots - I'll keep that list in my head rather than on virtual paper.
  2. Washing/drying facilities in the complex. HUGE bonus points if they are in-apartment.
  3. At least one true bedroom. Never a studio ever ever ever ...
  4. A kitchen layout that vaguely makes sense. You'd be surprised how many photos I've seen online of apartment kitchens that have totally forgotten that people need fridges, and the only space to put one is smack bang in the middle of the lounge room. Nope.
  5. Good phone reception. I've spent the last 10 years living in a house that requires you to walk out onto the footpath everytime the phone rings, so I'm dying to be able to stay inside and talk to my family. Crazy thought, right? What a time to be alive.
Would like to haves
  1. I'm perfectly content with one bedroom, but if a two bedder of decent value comes along I would love a place for my sister and parents to stay when they visit from interstate/the wild west. Plus I need somewhere for my elliptical, which I totally use every day and was well worth the money ...
  2. While I have mixed feelings about having a car, I know the practical thing is too have one in case of emergencies. Ideally a garage or carport would be great, but I can go for on-street parking.
  3. A bathroom and kitchen that aren't 100 years old would be nice.
  4. Beggers can't be choosers, but there are a lot of properties on the rental market in the areas I'm considering. So I'd love somewhere with wood-look flooring of some description.
Update: I'm actually going to my first apartment inspection this morning! The place is cute and is a great location, but even if I don't end up applying it'll be a good chance to get a feel for the whole process. Wish me luck!

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