Trust in the Timing

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Like I suppose every millennial white girl (no shade) must do when it's 31 December, I've done some thinking about the year that was 2016. Despite all the so-called catastrophes that have happened, I've gotta admit this has been the best 12 months of my life so far.

This was the year I entered my 20s, got involved with a great uni society, made things happen for myself in the art world, really nailed my sense of style, had an epiphany about my career path, found out I have coeliac disease (yawn) and celebrated 4 years with my boyfriend.

It doesn't seem like a lot happened when you put it like that, but I swear this was a busy year.

As the pretty little graphic at the top of this post suggests, the main thing I have learned this year is to trust in the timing.

But what does that mean?

So many opportunities have been extended to me this year, especially on the career front. In July I started two fantastic internships, one at a gallery and one with a small non-profit, and in both cases they started out with a cold call. My plan was only ever to do one internship during the uni semester, but when both opportunities presented themselves they were too good to pass up. 

I wondered how I would juggle 4 days working and one 9-5 day at uni every week. How would I survive my classes while having to miss lectures, how would I juggle working for two different organisations while totally immersing myself in the culture of both.

Of course I came out the other end alive, and thankfully further opportunities at the art gallery opened up to me ... and they have continued to do so.

I've gotten caught up thinking about the 'what ifs'. What if I didn't make that second cold call and only worked at the non-profit? What if I declined the gallery position? What if I simply hadn't gotten along with my colleagues or didn't work quite as hard? What if I had waited another month and the gallery job and I had just been two ships passing in the night?


But I suppose everything happens for a reason and you have to trust in the timing. Throw yourself into every opportunity afforded to you. Say yes and figure it out afterwards. You won't know your limits until you push them and they'll never get pushed unless you try. Whether its the universe, God, fate, a crackpot fortune teller, whatever, if you work hard things will happen for you. You might not feel ready, but someone somewhere in the universe (and hey, that someone is probably you deep down inside) thinks that you are. 

Wow. That got preachy and #inspiring. 

Basically, I'm so grateful for the opportunities that came my way in 2016, and SO thankful that I trusted in the timing enough to milk every one of them.

Bring on 2017 ...

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