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7:39 am

So (clearly) I haven't written anything on here in a very long time. But I've finally caught a minute and it'd be nice to have a reflection of sorts before the next crazy week starts - although I do have work this afternoon ... what weekend?

Life has been hectic and exciting and full of so much change. For a while I felt like I was starting to drown, but everything is coming together. Actually, when you think about it objectively I'm doing awesome. The most humble of brags.

I think the best way to try to get everything out is with a dot point list:

  • I started my new job! I'm so psyched to be working full-time at the Gallery that I am. My team is so innovative and cool, so it's amazing to be part of that (and that they think I have the potential to be as innovative and cool). We've had a few huge milestones at the Gallery since I started as a casual intern last year, and I'm seeing a different perspective now that I'm there everyday. Shout out to my incredible supervisor, MC. She's been so warm and beautiful, and when I feel like I'm bugging her with a thousand emails and a million questions she's always so quick to jump in and help. That extends to everyone in PE though, I'm working in a team of phenomenal women who continue to inspire each other and create phenomenal things.

  • I moved house! This one was a long time coming, but then when it did happen it was all at once. Make sense? Maybe? No? Okay. My friend of 15 years and I moved out together into a great townhouse in the most awesome location - transport, groceries, coffee, restaurants, everything is in walking distance. And the place is huge!! Seriously, we did so well for our money. I thought it would take a while to adjust to somewhere new feeling like home, but I'm really feeling settled.

  • I have friends! Ugh, I'm so lame. But I'm someone who goes for stretches without seeing anyone in the flesh. One amazing friend in particular, GP, and I discussed this a while ago. We have this great friendship where we both buckle down on work or uni and don't talk for an entire semester. Then as soon as it's over and we catch up it's like we were never apart and we just fall back into things so easily and I love her to death. Living with my housemate has forced me to be more open to social situations. It helps that all of her friends are my friends, so I haven't been forced together with any strangers ... yet. But it's made me think that I really should put more emphasis on friends than I have been.

  • I'm still doing uni ... yawn. This subject is so dry and like to many other units I've already done, but at least I'm keeping my momentum going. I'm not sure what things will be like work-uni wise next year, so I'm trying to make things as easy on future-Grace as I can so that she can be a super good Teflon girl and dodgy all the bad stuff and have a great final year of uni (with I think only 1 semester of work spread across 2, ugh).

  • I like adulting. One time at school my friend Lucy said that I was born to be an adult, and I think she was right. Having a house excites me, and budgeting excites me, and picking out my new vacuum cleaner (dang why are they so expensive?) excites me. I'm really loving the responsibility.

  • With a new full-time job, I have big saving goals. I'm so into saving it's ridiculous. I don't think I'm depriving anything of myself now, but I'm constantly thinking about what bigger, better things I could get if I saved instead. I hit a big milestone at the turn of the year - is that a phrase? Turn of the century, turn of the year? Makes sense to me - and I think I can bump it up a lot with a $alary. I HAVE A $$$$SALARY. How grown up.

  • Side note: the apartment market is set to hit a low, and I'm desperate to buy one. Sigh. Why couldn't this happen in 1-2 year's time? Lol. I'm to invested ... BUT NOT INVESTED ENOUGH CAUSE I DON'T HAVE A DAMN APARTMENT!

  • I want a facial so bad.

  • Last of all, I'm not going to proof read this cause it's too long and I'm not about that life.

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