7:03 pm

Favourite song: Freaky Trisha Paytas - Girl's a trainwreck in motion, but this song is too catchy. Plus, Chicken Fingers and Lipo is a damn good name for an album. I just saw snaps of her first ever performance at her birthday party too, and she was a star. She's crazy but she knows what she's doing.

Favourite artist: Alice Cooper - He's so sexy. Even for a 69 year old former alcoholic? I don't mind the slightly beat up older man look, I guess.

Favourite artist as in art art: Tintin Wulia - I've been looking at one of her works recently at the Gallery, and she's managed to use such simple imagery in powerful ways. The more you look the more layers you uncover. I really want to get more on top of what she's up to, especially as she's local.

Favourite meal: Savoury mince - I made a huge batch of savoury mince on Saturday, and I'e come up with at least 5 different ways of eating it. So easy, so yummy and so versatile.

Favourite TV: Gossip Girl - Yep, I'm doing a rewatch. I'm not going to say how many episodes I got through today. It's so ridiculous but so intriguing. If real-life rich kids of New York live anything like that, I'd love to be a fly on the wall.

And my neighbour just drove past blasting No Air by Jordin Sparks, so that's definitely a favourite too.

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