An Introduction of Sorts

6:27 pm

Just a pretty lil photo of an absolutely gorgeous Sally Gabori work that I took a few months ago at the Gallery.
Yes, I pretended to go up to the stationary cupboard just so I could take this pic before uninstall; no I don't regret it.

Third (fourth? fifth?) time's a charm, right?

I've had a go at this blogging thing before, but it never quite stuck. I think I was hoping for that something, not money or a following, but a spark that lasted. It's easy to start a blog based on a fleeting idea but it's much harder to keep breathing life into a site that just doesn't click.

I'd like to think I'm perhaps older and wiser than I was during my previous blogging attempts. This blog isn't going to fit into a specific category, and I'm not promising a regular post schedule and social media plan. Hell, I'm not even sure I'll share it with anyone.

But maybe that's the point ...

I kept a journal for years, scribbling down my thoughts and stowing them away. Not to look back on but just to clear my mind and let room for new thoughts to flood in. I think that's what I'd like Diary of a Would-Be Gallerist to be - a place to dump my ideas and possibly arrange them in a way that somewhat resembles a coherent story.

And so some background:

My name is Grace, and I am a 20-going-on-21 year old Australian girl. I'm a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a student, a research assistant, a Coeliac, a Public Programs Assistant in a state gallery, a Real Housewives addict, an ice cream lover, a tchotchke hoarder, a stickler for timeliness and, dare I say, one of the coolest people you'll ever meet.

As the title suggests, art galleries are my thing. I'm currently at university studying degrees in Art & Design History and Public Relations. I didn't know how the two areas would come together, but since undertaking two internships in my last semester of uni all of the pieces are falling into place. Now, I'm working casually in an art gallery as part of the Public Programs team. Public Relations? Check. Art History? Not explicitly, but arts administration and the arts sector for sure.

Diary of a Would-Be Gallerist isn't going to be solely about art, mind you. That's only one dimension of my life, and I plan on this being a safe space where all of my dimensions can chat and share their feelings. I'll be moving house soon, so I'm sure that'll come up. I'll also be starting my final year of my undergraduate degrees early next year, so that's important too.

I guess we'll have to wait and see ... 

Side note: Can you believe a mosquito kamikazed into my glass of water as I was writing this? Maybe that's an omen.

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