HEARD • BNE 2016

6:00 pm

The first weekend of December marked the start of opening weekend festivities for GOMA Turns 10 - new exhibitions, programs and performances to mark the tenth anniversary of the Gallery of Modern Art as part of the Queensland Art Gallery.

The lead up to the opening weekend was exciting and definitely busy, but from watching the audience's faces at the media preview on Friday to packing up the last performance on Sunday afternoon, everything was so worth it.

I think all of Brisbane will agree with me when I say that HEARD • BNE 2016 was a highlight. This was a surreal work combining visual art, fashion and dance to create a high intensity, totally immersive experience. HEARD, the brain-child of Nick Cave (no, not that Nick Cave), has been performed all over the world with local dancers and musicians - every performance is quite literally nothing like the last.

I was lucky enough to help out with the first ever Brisbane performance of HEARD at the media preview on Friday 2 December. A class of primary school kids were also invited along to get a sneak peek of the Gallery the day before anniversary celebrations kicked off.

You guys, it was amazing

As soon as the performers came out, the kids just lost it. And when the horses broke in half and went into the freestyle dance, it was such a moment of pure joy. To be completely honest, I had tears in my eyes the whole time and it was taking everything in me not to cry.
That was definitely a moment that reaffirmed that I am working in the right sector and pursuing the right degrees. 

It's those reactions - 100% emotion triggered by an incredible work that just transports you to another place - that put everything into perspective. Art is so important, and it's so important that everyone has access to this incredible platform for expression.

I don't want this HEARD recap to turn into a play-by-play (let's face it, that would be the longest post ever) and I don't want it to get too sappy. So here are a few photos that I managed to snap over the opening weekend of HEARD • BNE 2016 at GOMA Turns 10. 

If you'd like to watch a full performance in New York, this is where to go. Or you can check out the QAGOMA blog for a couple of other posts.

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