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5:31 pm

So, I think random images are going to become a thing around here.
This is Nervescape, a wacky work at QAGOMA right now for GOMA Turns 10. I helped to staple a small amount of the hair to the wooden boards, so it's surreal to think I have a tiny personal investment in this massive work.

Okay, so this week I read through Leah Remini's Reddit AMA, and organisational conspiracies are my kind of crack, so I fell down the wonderful rabbit hole that is Wikipedia to inform myself more about Scientology.

All I knew about the religion was the abuse, the tithing, the stalking and LRH being a sci-fi writer (as if that isn't a warning sign), but I didn't know what the religion was actually all about. As Leah pointed out, a big belief in Scientology is that one is responsible for everything that happens to oneself. No such thing as fate or destiny, just what you allow and work for yourself to do. Of course while that can bring a great deal of comfort, it can also make people feel like victims of themselves in circumstances that are totally out of their control.

And so I started thinking about fate ... and by total coincidence ... or was it fate ... a big opportunity was presented to me at work. 

Since starting at the Gallery as an intern, I have worked really hard to learn more about the visual art world and to prove my value in the institution. Thankfully, that paid off when I was offered a casual role in the department where I was interning. Again, I've tried to continue to prove my worth - temporary contracts are scary dude - and it seems like it's paying off yet again.

Am I working hard and giving my all every time I'm in the office? Totally. But could the Gods (or aliens as LRH might like to think) be smiling down at me and making a series of serendipitous coincidences unfold in perfect timing? Possible. 

It's easy to think about the what ifs. What if I had struggled in the office and been cast off as too inexperienced? What if I had decided against that first cold email that landed me my first interview? What if I had decided to take a different subject at uni, and didn't have the time to take on work experience? 

But then again, "you is smart, you is kind, you is important" and I guess there's a reason why these opportunities have been afforded to me. While my next step in the Gallery has not yet been confirmed, I feel so incredibly proud and thankful for my kind colleagues and the belief in me that they have continued to show.

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