The Irony of the GLAM Sector

5:14 pm

A pretty pic from Tumblr (blue-dots if you're interested).

A brief brain-dump ...

The business of art galleries falls into the GLAM sector (galleries, libraries, archives and museums, for those uninitiated). Funny, right? Considering art galleries are the most glamorous places to work?

I don't know where that idea started - maybe TV shows and movies - but there's a definite perception that being surrounded by beautiful, freakishly expensive works by equally beautiful and freaky artists is a great pleasure. And of course it is. But there are many more layers that make gallery work as mundane as any other career.

When I started my degrees in business and creative industries, I planned to pursue public relations as a career, and keep art history as my personal passion project. But after a while I realised that the life of a PR girl is so not for me ... and that in fact a life in the art world would be much better suited. And why? Because business skills are just as valuable as creative skills.

Sure, there are fabulous events and fabulous people to schmooze with. In fact, a huge opening weekend with a bunch of exciting parties and programs just took place at the Gallery that I work at and that was definitely a *pinch me, I'm so glamorous* moment. But as soon as tens of thousands of visitors filed through the doors I was quickly snapped out of it.

Basically, working in a gallery is a wonderful environment, and there are definitely opportunities to meet fascinating people and be immersed in beautiful works that you may not experience if you were an accountant (no offence, accountants). But you can't forget that these few glamorous occasions are bookends to long periods of hard, yes sometimes very, very mundane, slog that resemble any other office.

Did this post have a point? No? That's okay.

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