A Brain Explosion ...

6:41 pm

Why do I want to excel at uni so badly? There's really no good reason why I should want to...

So I just got an assignment mark back, and it's the first assignment I've ever failed ... and it was a first year subject. Eeek.

I'm not sure if I feel bad or if I feel content.

Realistically I should feel content. The reason I didn't do well is because I didn't go to a single class all semester, and didn't do any of the coursework. And I started the assignment the day it was due. Yeah, that's not a justification. BUT! I'm working full-time, more than 40 hours a week, and I'm in an incredible role in an incredible institution. It's literally a dream job for this stage of my career and by throwing myself into this I'm putting myself miles ahead in my career path.

So it's reasonable to stop obsessing over 5s and 6s and 7s and just roll with it, right? I'm obviously capable of doing my job, and my job doesn't include critiquing research proposals about elderly Chinese people using the internet, right? I should calm down and stop feeling like a failure and that this is somehow going to throw my career off track, right?

Yep. This post is like chatting to my boyfriend - I start all worked up but then once I voice everything I realise it's not the end of the world.

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